Straight Boys Fucking and Sucking Off their Buddies

Chris: Smoking While He’s Blown


19-year-old Chris is always horny, so it doesn’t take long for him to make a tent in his boxers. He even stays hard as I oil him up. When I give Chris a cock sleeve to try, I can tell his mind is blown. I get him on his knees to fuck the sleeve, and he’s so amazed at the feeling that he doesn’t even realize he’s basically fucking my hand. After I lube up Chris’ cock, I quickly go down on him. Watch his face! I start licking Chris’ nuts, and he looks like he’s about to pass out. You can tell he doesn’t know what to think, but that hard dick never goes down! Chris busts a huge nut, but I won’t stop stroking his super-sensitive post-cum cock.

FamChaser 9: House Tasks

Reality Dudes: Pierce Paris / Braxton Hill

I’m tired of my stepson Braxton Hill disrespecting me and messing up my house, so I decide to teach him a little lesson. I shake up a can in the fridge, then ask him to bring it to me and open it. When it sprays all over the floor, I tell him to clean it up. But when Braxton’s down on his hands and knees with his ass in my face, I realize he could use a different kind of lesson! I get my cock out and stroke it, then pull down his pants to find he’s only wearing a little jock strap underneath. I spit on his ass and tease him with my dick before fucking him doggystyle. This twink can’t get enough of my cock, so I have him lie back on the couch and fuck him missionary as I stuff his jock strap in his mouth. Braxton blows me, then I fuck him piledriver, and he obediently takes my load in his mouth!

Anthony and Kae’s Jack Off Race


I tell Anthony and his hung buddy Kae to get themselves hard and take their boxers off. Since it’s a little cold this morning, I turn a space heater on the guys to help them warm up. Kae is first to get his big boner going. I tell Kae to play with Anthony’s nipples and make the two friends kiss. I also make them suck each other’s cocks before explaining to Anthony that if he doesn’t cum, he has to take Kae’s load in his face. Kae toys with his dick while he waits for his buddy to catch up, and it’s not long before he’s ready to pop. Up on his knees, Kae shoots his gooey load all over Anthony’s stomach just as he gets hard, then Anthony finally nuts. I get a close up of the cum all over Anthony’s stomach and ask him how it was getting off with his friend. Of course, Kae keeps horsing around up to the very end. He always gets that way after he cums!

Maori Mortensen


We are back in Budapest today for this shoot with our model of the week, Maori. Maori is buff, handsome and charming and has built up a huge following of fans, although quite a few of you are not so keen on his tattoo. He started with us way back in 2016, so this marks his 6th year here on BelAmi We still have a few scenes with Maori coming up including a spectacular 3way with Adam and Antony which we hope to bring to you soon.

She Wants To Show Him

Tutor Him Lesson #TH047

Dakota is having issues in his health class and is at risk of not being allowed to go to his senior prom. Miss Violet Rose comes over to show him how to female reproductive systems works… And maybe a little hands on study session of the male system too… She starts going over the course work wit him. He goes to the bedroom to grab something and Miss Silas sees her opportunity to pouce… and pounce she does. Within mere seconds his shirt is off and hes laying on the bed watching her take off his pants and theres nothing he can (or wants to) do about it. She starts stroking his cock and caressing his young hot body all over, shes getting off just looking at this barely legal boy squirm in her hands. She starts playing with his balls, and his cock is rock hard in her soft hands, all he can think about is how crazy his mom must of been to call in Miss Violet Rose to help him study. She stands him up, and gets on her knees in front of him. He listens to her every command and does as he is told, he is in awe of how good her hands feel on his cock. She lays him down on the bed one more time and zeros in on what she came there for. She tugs and strokes and talks dirty to her pupil until he erupts all over himself. She leaves him wanting more as she always does.

Nikk Lanier


Nikk Lanier’s interview is followed by today’s solo. Nikk is definitely one of our best discoveries in recent years. He is handsome and lean and has absolutely no inhibitions when it comes to sex. Enjoy Nikk’s jerk off video today and just wait to see what he has in store for you in the future either here or on BelAmi

Grit In The Oyster

Boys Halfway House Incident #299

There’s a saying that the grit in an oyster eventually turns into a pearl. Well, sometimes I wonder how much grit is in a pile of manure, because all of us House Managers must have a shit-ton of pearls stored up for us in heaven for dealing with these imbeciles. Even so, we try to cultivate the pearl in each and every one of these no-good louses. This one got caught with some paraphenalia, and since I hadn’t had a go at him, I decided to give it to him good. Little did I know when I started what a pound-down this guy would be getting.

He sucks dick like a champ, so I’m sensing a little experience in that department. I made him go all the way down, spit in his mouth, held his head pressed firmly against my cock. . . and yet he held with it, and it even felt fantastic! I finally rolled him over on his stomach and once his ass cheeks were spread, I readied my cock to work in. To be honest, I didn’t have much trouble there, either.

I began fucking him on his stomach, and soon rolled him over. He was making contorted facial expressions like a lot of guys do, but the hole itself felt just fine. Not too tight, and in fact, downright inviting. I didn’t really want to stop, so I had him ride me until his legs finally gave away, and even then I just had him turn around and ride some more, so that I could admire his ass cheeks while he was grinding up and down on my cock. Once I finally laid him back down, his ass was gaping and loose, and I really let go. I fucked him basically like a jackhammer until I bred that ass good.

I don’t know if this will be enough of a deterrent to get him back on track, but by the looks of his hole after this session, he won’t be looking forward to seeing me and him alone in a room again for a while.

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Straight Horny Models Boys Showing Off

Kae and Milo, 3 Loads


Straight buddies Kae and Milo have known each other for a while. They think beating off together will be no big deal, so I make them prove it. I let the guys warm themselves up before getting totally naked. Kae and Milo jack their big dicks, and I make them lick each other’s nipples. They stroke each other, then race to see who can cum first. Kae is the first to pop, then Milo…then Kae again!

Nolan Hawke


Our model of the week is Nolan Hawke. Nolan is a very special kind of model: Very good looking with a great body, no inhibitions when it comes to showing it off, but also a very down to earth and humble nature. Nolan also has a very big dick, which is always something we like to see here at BelAmi. This shoot was taken for us by resident photographer Eliot and we really hope that you will like seeing him today. Hopefully he will agree to doing a lot more with us soon.

Jake Combs Shows Off

Raunchy Bastards #314

Jake Combs is definitely one of the sexiest eighteen year olds that I have met recently. So young, but he has a little bit of a rough edge to him. He worked out a lot in high school, and still works out a bit, so it definitely shows, and he is proud of his body.

His cock, though, is what impressed me the most. This guy was rock hard from the git-go! I think he found it very erotic being filmed, and he almost turned himself on. He certainly knows how to give a good show, including flashing those puppy dog eyes at the camera from time to time. Oh, and did I mention he has a great butt? Well, I think Jake is a keeper, and I eagerly await to see more of Jake’s talents!

Nervous Pupils Turn Her On

Tutor Him Lesson #TH043

Devin has a major final exam coming, and miss goddess Brandon can tell how big of a deal it is to him just from how tense he is. She starts with talking about his history on the presidents, but she can’t seem to focus herself on anything other than his muscles and relaxing him to the best of her abilities. She lays him down on the couch and caresses him and talks to him about all his high school activities that are stressing him out. She quickly works her hands down to his hard throbbing cock. She then gets him undressed and puts his through a series of positions so she can drain his balls, she talks dirty to her good pupil and eventually she gets him to make a big creamy mess all over himself earning a big A+.

Eddison Thorne


Tall, dark and handsome, Eddison Thorne is our new model of the week today.
As you can probably guess, Eddison is another of our Hungarian recruits and he is photographed for us this week by resident photographer Eliot Klien.

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Young Straight Twinks doing Bareback

Dahlin’s First Gay BJ


Dahlin is a really cute and kinda quiet guy. He tells me about his sexual history, including seeing his step-dad jacking off. In just his white socks, he gets himself hard…then shoots a big load by accident. I take matters into my own hands and get him hard again with a handjob. Then he asks, “How much extra if you give me a blowjob?” Famous last words. I suck Dahlin’s cock until he’s ready to cum a second time. He’s amazed at how great it feels to get blown by another guy!

FamChaser 8: Sex Ed

Reality Dudes

Your new stepson, Ty Mitchell, has some questions about his sex ed lesson, and he’s come to you for help. You teach Ty how to put a condom on a cucumber… but a few minutes later you catch him in the bathroom, fucking his ass with it! Ty asks for more instruction, starting with how to suck your cock, and then you finger his hole. You teach Ty to put a condom on your dick with his mouth and fuck him doggystyle, but he wants to feel what it’s like to get fucked bareback and takes it off! Ty tries out riding you, then cums as you pound him on the bathroom floor, and you finish up by teaching him to take a facial.

Kae and Milo, 3 Loads


Straight buddies Kae and Milo have known each other for a while. They think beating off together will be no big deal, so I make them prove it. I let the guys warm themselves up before getting totally naked. Kae and Milo jack their big dicks, and I make them lick each other’s nipples. They stroke each other, then race to see who can cum first. Kae is the first to pop, then Milo…then Kae again!

Chawki, a breathtakingly beautiful Arab hetero teenboy naked and cumming

Young Straight Boys

For me, Chawki is the beauty, especially his mouth and eyes. I’ve been able do play with him and to suck him, and at the end (like in almost all sessions), he shoots his load ! He is Arab and 18 years old. Slim, and straight, of course.

Muscle Matt’s Gloryhole BJ


Hunky stud Matt needs to drain his balls so he can concentrate at the gym. Fortunately for him, there’s a gloryhole on the way with an eager mouth on the other side. Matt’s not shy about moaning loudly and telling the hole to suck his dick. The sucker complies, working that big shaft with his mouth and licking his low hangers. With a groan, Matt shoots his huge load in the guy’s mouth and waits to be licked clean.

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